Unused Business Cards Become Menger Sponges

The Menger sponge is a fractal which is the three-dimensional analog of the Sierpinski carpet.  As the number of iterations approaches infinity, the construction’s volume approaches zero while it’s surface area increases without bound.  Mr. Lisa’s 575 classes ended up building a level-2 sponge entirely out of business cards.

2019 Math Dept Award Winners

The recipients of this year’s mathematics, statistics, and computer science awards: Standing: Andy Xu, Kathrine Payne, Miles McCain, Justin Chang, Patrick Ryan, Serena Liu, Kristian Menes, Anjalie Kini; front: Bill Qin, Victoria Zhang, Vincent Fan. Bernard Joseph Prize Medal – Awarded to Guanpeng (Andy) Xu’19 for excellence in mathematics. Frederick Ellsworth Watt Award Awarded to Bill Qin ’19… Read More

Alumni Reflections on Their Andover Math Experiences

By Adrian Lin ’22 Most notable of all, however, was the community I found. I still keep in touch with many of the friends I made through Math Club and am so grateful for the experiences we’ve shared together. With a wide variety of course options, IP’s (independent projects), clubs, prizes, and competitions, Andover’s math… Read More