Hashtag Math530: Taking Statistics Students on a Twitter Trip

By Ellen Greenberg Four years ago, I created a Twitter account for personal and professional development.  It was an entry point for my curiosity in the digital world.  I have been teaching mathematics and statistics for more than 20 years after a 6-year career as a computer programming.  I found Twitter to be an easy… Read More

Content Developer – Now Accepting Applications!

We are looking for student interns to help us (Logan Jester, Donnie Kost, Joel Jacob, and Chris Odden) with researching, writing, and gathering information for our math department website. Potential areas for contribution include articles, bios, pictures, videos, graphic design, and managing digital content. Applications are due on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 8am. Please… Read More

MOAA Registration is open!

The Math Club/Team announces the first ever Math Open At Andover (MOAA) – a middle school math competition on our campus. This is a student-run event. Math team students have been working hard in the past 7 months: they came up with the idea, got the proposal together, applied and earned an Abbot Grant, wrote problems,… Read More