Hashtag Math530: Taking Statistics Students on a Twitter Trip

By Ellen Greenberg Four years ago, I created a Twitter account for personal and professional development.  It was an entry point for my curiosity in the digital world.  I have been teaching mathematics and statistics for more than 20 years after a 6-year career as a computer programming.  I found Twitter to be an easy… Read More

Gayatri Rajan '22 wins Congressional App Challenge

Last Monday, Gayatri Rajan won the Congressional App Award for 6th congressional district, for her app Clarity.  I attached a photo of Gayatri receiving her award from our congressman Seth Moulton; here is a link to a video describing her app. Gayatri learned AP Comp Sci A on her own last year and earned a… Read More

Students Owning Their Learning

The Tang Institute Lunch & Discussion today was led by instructor in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science and Tang Institute fellow, Heidi Wall. For the past two years, Heidi has explored ways to help students “own their learning”. During this lunch conversation, Heidi shared the process and impact of focusing on engagement strategies, cycles of feedback, mathematical mindsets, and… Read More