Hashtag Math530: Taking Statistics Students on a Twitter Trip

By Ellen Greenberg Four years ago, I created a Twitter account for personal and professional development.  It was an entry point for my curiosity in the digital world.  I have been teaching mathematics and statistics for more than 20 years after a 6-year career as a computer programming.  I found Twitter to be an easy… Read More

Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholars

Congratulations to Justin, Kevin, and Andy! Justin Chang, ’19Rheb, a Ras-like Small GTPase, Interacts with WFS1 Protein (Wolframin): Implications of Rheb Signaling Pathways in Wolfram Syndrome 1Advisors: Dr. Joseph Avruch and Dr. Noriko Oshiro, Avruch Laboratory, Harvard Medical School Kaiying (Kevin) Hou, ’19 The Hardness of Finding Hamiltonian Cycle in Grids Graphs of Semi-Regular TessellationsAdvisor: Jayson Lynch,… Read More

What Is Competitive Math And Why Is It So Much Fun?

By Nakul Iyer ’20 What is competition math? Each year, the Phillips Academy Math Team participates in several regional and national competitions, such as the AMC (American Math Competition) series, NEML (New England Math League), and ARML (American Regions Mathematics League), to name a few. How do students in the math team view competition math,… Read More