A Minute Andover: Financial Literacy Seminar

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Instructor Noureddine El Alam teaches students about fiscal responsibility, economic systems, and developing an entrepreneurial spirit for a path to lifelong success in this interdisciplinary course. El Alam also has an encyclopedic knowledge of stock tickers, so we have some fun and try to stump him at the end of… Read More

In Defense of High Stakes

In setting students up for success beyond school, is there merit to high-stakes forms of assessment? Read this post by Nick Zufelt, Instructor in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science and Tang Fellow for the Tang Institute’s blog.

A Tribe Called Yes

Math teacher, Lani Silversides, was invited by Daron Roberts from the Center for Sports Leadership and Innovation at the University of Texas at Austin to speak to Daron’s class “Game Plan for Winning at Life.” Lani did a podcast with Daron for his podcast “A Tribe Called Yes”. Then taught one more class today. Lani’s… Read More