• 2019 Math Dept Award Winners (5/31/2019)

    The recipients of this year’s mathematics, statistics, and computer science
    awards: Standing: Andy Xu, Kathrine Payne, Miles McCain, Justin Chang,
    Patrick Ryan, Serena Liu, Kristian Menes, Anjalie Kini; front: Bill Qin, Victoria Zhang, Vincent Fan.

    Bernard Joseph Prize Medal – Awarded to Guanpeng (Andy) Xu’19 for excellence in mathematics.

    Frederick Ellsworth Watt Award Awarded to Bill Qin ’19 and Anjalie Kini ’19 for excellence in mathematics and outstanding contributions to the math team.

    Herbert Scoville Memorial Prize Awarded to Kaiying (Kevin) Hou ’19,  Justin Chang ’19, and Miles McCain ’19 for an original paper or project, outside of assigned coursework.

    Robert E. Maynard Math Prize Awarded to Victoria Zhang ‘20, Vincent Fan ‘20, Patrick Ryan ’19  for excellence in Analytic Geometry and Calculus

    Matthew S. McCurdy Memorial Prize Awarded to Serena Liu ’19, Kristian Menes ’19 for excellence in AP Statistics.

    Winfield M. Sides Prize Awarded to Katherine Payne ’19, Frederick “Freddie” Kim ’19 for excellence in computer science

  • MOAA Registration is open! (9/25/2018)
    The Math Club/Team announces the first ever Math Open At Andover (MOAA) – a middle school math competition on our campus.
    This is a student-run event. Math team students have been working hard in the past 7 months: they came up with the idea, got the proposal together, applied and earned an Abbot Grant, wrote problems, created a website (https://www.andovermathopen.com/), communicated with faculty and administrator to make arrangements, processed registration from local and out-of-state students, etc. Our students have put in an incredible amount of work and we are very proud to support them.
    This is an one-day event. The date is Saturday, October 6, 2018. It will run from 8:00AM until 5:30PM. It will take place in Kemper Auditorium and Sam Phil. Here’s the schedule: https://www.andovermathopen.com/schedule/
  • 2018 USAMO Winners at NSF (6/4/2018)

    Michael Ren ‘18 and Guanpeng (Andy) Xu ‘19 are among the 12 USA Math Olympiad winners this year. Michael is the winner (rank first in the country). Math Team coach, Khiem DoBa and department chair, Karin Knudson, were invited by the MAA to come to the award ceremony at the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC to celebrate with Andy and Michael.

  • 2018 Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Award Winners (5/25/2018)

    Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics Excellence Awards!

    Bernard Joseph Prize: Awarded to Michael Ren for excellence in mathematics.

    Herbert Scoville Memorial Prize: Awarded to Anjalie Kini, Michael Ren, and Sarah Zhao for an original paper or project outside of assigned coursework.

    Robert E. Maynard Math Prize: Awarded to Victoria Zhang, Carson Teitler, Eric You, and J.P. Tang for excellence in Analytic Geometry and Calculus.

    George T. Eaton Math Prize: Awarded to Molly McCarthy for excellence in firstyear algebra.

    Matthew S. McCurdy Memorial Prize: Awarded to Jeffery Zaeder and David Onabanjo for excellence in AP Statistics.

    Winfield M. Sides Prize: Awarded to Thanyaphorn Thangthakul and Miles McCain for excellence in computer science.

    ACSL Award: Recognition of Anjalie Kini, Bill Qin, and Jeffrey Shen for qualifying to compete in American Computer Science League All-Star Contest.

    Special thanks to the alumni who established and contributed to these awards.

    Published in the Andover Gazette on May 25, 2018.

  • Congratulations to IMO qualifier Michael Ren ’18 (5/13/2018)

    Michael recently shared with us,

    My first math competition was in 6th grade when my dad encouraged me to sign up for the AMC 8. Since then, I’ve really enjoyed competing in all sorts of math competitions taken at school or at certain colleges and attending summer programs to learn new interesting math and hang out with other people interested in math. It’s been a long and fulfilling journey from the sixth grade classroom to the US team. I’ve also been a member of Phillips Academy’s math club for all my four years here, and I served as a board member my senior year. It’s been a very fun way to spend Wednesday evenings, whether it be giving a lecture on geometry or doing NEML and eating pizza.

    Good luck in Romania, Michael!


  • Math Excellence Awards 2017 (5/10/2017)

    Prizes were awarded last night to students.

    The recipients were:

    • Joseph Medal: Siye (Annie) Zhu ‘17
    • McCurdy: Neel Shroff ’17 and Sewon Park ’17
    • Maynard: Philip Lamkin ’17, Albert Yue ’17 and Yatharth Aggarwal ’17
    • Eaton: Robert De Jesus ’20
    • Sides: Michelle Chao ’18 and Lior Hirschfeld ’17





    Faculty from far left: Pat Farrell, Nick Zufelt, and Karin Knudson. From far right: Khiem DoBa, Bill Scott, and Ellen Greenberg.