BA in Pure Mathematics from Queens College (CUNY)
MA in Pure Mathematics from Stony Brook University (SUNY)

Joel Jacob started his teaching career in 2004 at the Hackley School. After a few summers with the Phillips Academy Summer Session, he was hooked on boarding school life and moved to Deerfield Academy where he worked with Deerfield’s data team and financial aid committee. Since joining the faculty at Andover in 2011, his interests have shifted away from pure to applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science. He is interested in multidisciplinary education, particularly the connections between mathematics, art, archaeology, and science. He manages the math department’s website and works as a Content Design Lead for the Tang Institute on improving math placement for partner schools. Joel lives in Rockwell House, a large ninth grade dorm with his wife, Monica, and three children, Jonah (6), Caleb (3), and Abby (1).


J. Jacob, L. Randall. Using Archaeology to Find Synergy Between the Humanities and Mathematics. Fall 2017

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