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The Nest, is a Makerspace located in the basement of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library. Instructors enjoy taking students there for individual and group projects. Here are some examples of student work.

Visualizing Math

The Addison Gallery of Art has put together this curriculum guide for educators interested in using the museum’s collection to explore the intersections between art and mathematics. Some of the artists that are featured include Frank Stella, Josef Albers, Sol LeWitt, and Tristan Perich.



  • Minimalism and Manipulations — How can images demonstrate relationships between parts of a whole?
  • Process, Scale, and Probability — How do artists construct and follow formulas, algorithms, and iterations?
  • Perspective, Depth, and Similarity — How can math be used to understand relationships between objects?
  • Analyzing the Collection by the Numbers — How can combinatorics help us to understand a museum’s collection?
  • Systems, Order, and Randomness — How can art and music be inspired by the aesthetic simplicity of math, physics, and code?


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