BA from Williams College in Comparative Literature and Mathematics (2011-2015)
Secondary Teaching Certificate from Rhode Island College (2015-2016)
MA from Brown University in Urban Education Policy (2016-2018)

A South Korean adopted transracially by German parents, Donnie strongly promotes diversity, understanding, sustainability, inclusion, equity, and education in all communities. He was a keynote speaker at Yale University’s Adopted Friends conference and is a strong advocate for transracial adoptees. He is an activist for Asian American and Pacific Islanders. He served as an AmeriCorps volunteer through Teach for America in Rhode Island from 2015 to 2017 before joining Phillips Academy. Donnie has the mindset for every child in America to receive the opportunity to succeed and have an excellent education.

In his time as an undergraduate at Williams College, Donnie was a co-chair of AASiA (Asian-American Students in Action), Director of Residential Life, and was involved in the Campaign for Asian-American Studies.

Along with mathematics and computer science, he shares strong interests in the areas of philosophy, critical theory, art, literary theory, and geometry.

Donnie loves working with his students in the classroom and all over campus. He is a complement at Carter House, a small boys freshman dorm down in Abbot Cluster. He advises the Phillips Academy Asian Society, coaches Drumline, and is an instructor for Outdoor Pursuits. Donnie enjoys photography and often takes photos of his country of descent, South Korea, as well as its people.