A civic conscience is the instinctive joy of working collectively with and for one’s fellowman. Former Headmaster, Ted Sizer

Andover Outreach Opportunities

(MS)^2. Andover instructors choose to teach in the (MS)^2 program every summer. Selection into the rigorous STEM program is competitive and tuition-free. To find out more about (MS)^2, see https://www.andover.edu/about/outreach/ms2

Dianne Domenech-Burgos is the Director of (MS)^2.

ACE 9 and 10. Accelerate, Challenge, and Empower is a program to support 9th and 10th grade students as they transition to Andover.

Articles on former colleagues and past departmental efforts to promote diversity

ABC. Read this detailed historical account on how former instructor Thomas Mikula played a role in the founding of the ABC (A Better Chance) chapter in Andover.

Andover-Dartmouth Institute. The Andover-Dartmouth Urban Teachers Institute for Teachers of Secondary School Mathematics was founded in 1981 to help train teachers to teach mathematics. Read this announcement to learn more about the founding of this 4-week residential program for 30 teachers.

(MS)^2. Here is an excerpt about the history of (MS)^2 from the fall issue of 1981 Andover Bulletin. Founded in 1977, (MS)^2 took a decisive turn in fall of 1979 when Elwin Sykes, a black English teacher with six years experience on the Andover faculty and four years as Dean of the Summer Session, became Director. As an English teacher with no previous affinity for mathematics or science, Sykes was hesitant about directing an enterprise focused on these areas, and agreed to take on the directorship only if the PA Mathematics and Science Departments would play a considerably more active role than heretofore. In response to Sykes’ challenge, the Math Department got behind (MS)^2; since then Math Instructors Doug Crabtree, Frank Eccles, Frank Hanna, Dave Penner and Jack McClement have added their efforts to the Program, and Bob Wilson.