Rudd Fawcett ’18 Wins ASA Competition

Statistics students of Ellen Greenberg and Emily Landes, instructors in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, submitted entries to the American Statistical Association Data Visualization Competition, and—for the second year in a row!—an Andover student took first place. Congratulations to Rudd Fawcett ’18 for winning with his poster “Charting Chart Toppers.” Fawcett’s AP Statistics poster project… Read More

Hashtag Math530: Taking Statistics Students on a Twitter Trip

By Ellen Greenberg Four years ago, I created a Twitter account for personal and professional development.  It was an entry point for my curiosity in the digital world.  I have been teaching mathematics and statistics for more than 20 years after a 6-year career as a computer programming.  I found Twitter to be an easy… Read More