The recipients of this year’s mathematics, statistics, and computer science
awards: Standing: Andy Xu, Kathrine Payne, Miles McCain, Justin Chang,
Patrick Ryan, Serena Liu, Kristian Menes, Anjalie Kini; front: Bill Qin, Victoria Zhang, Vincent Fan.

Bernard Joseph Prize Medal – Awarded to Guanpeng (Andy) Xu’19 for excellence in mathematics.

Frederick Ellsworth Watt Award Awarded to Bill Qin ’19 and Anjalie Kini ’19 for excellence in mathematics and outstanding contributions to the math team.

Herbert Scoville Memorial Prize Awarded to Kaiying (Kevin) Hou ’19,  Justin Chang ’19, and Miles McCain ’19 for an original paper or project, outside of assigned coursework.

Robert E. Maynard Math Prize Awarded to Victoria Zhang ‘20, Vincent Fan ‘20, Patrick Ryan ’19  for excellence in Analytic Geometry and Calculus

Matthew S. McCurdy Memorial Prize Awarded to Serena Liu ’19, Kristian Menes ’19 for excellence in AP Statistics.

Winfield M. Sides Prize Awarded to Katherine Payne ’19, Frederick “Freddie” Kim ’19 for excellence in computer science

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