Congratulations to Justin, Kevin, and Andy!

From left: Dan Schneider (Instructor), Kevin (senior boarder from Shenzhen, China), Justin (senior day student from Middleton, MA) , Andy (senior boarder from Simpsonville, SC), and Karin Knudson (Chair)

Justin Chang, ’19
Rheb, a Ras-like Small GTPase, Interacts with WFS1 Protein (Wolframin): Implications of Rheb Signaling Pathways in Wolfram Syndrome 1
Advisors: Dr. Joseph Avruch and Dr. Noriko Oshiro, Avruch Laboratory, Harvard Medical School

Simulated Graph

Kaiying (Kevin) Hou, ’19
The Hardness of Finding Hamiltonian Cycle in Grids Graphs of Semi-Regular Tessellations
Advisor: Jayson Lynch, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory


Guanpeng (Andy) Xu, ’19
NExplore: Visualizing Recurring Structures in Dynamic Networks with Automated Pattern Extraction
Advisor: Nam Wook Kim, Visual Computing Group, Harvard University

Subnetwork Patterns

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