Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics Excellence Awards!

Bernard Joseph Prize: Awarded to Michael Ren for excellence in mathematics.

Herbert Scoville Memorial Prize: Awarded to Anjalie Kini, Michael Ren, and Sarah Zhao for an original paper or project outside of assigned coursework.

Robert E. Maynard Math Prize: Awarded to Victoria Zhang, Carson Teitler, Eric You, and J.P. Tang for excellence in Analytic Geometry and Calculus.

George T. Eaton Math Prize: Awarded to Molly McCarthy for excellence in firstyear algebra.

Matthew S. McCurdy Memorial Prize: Awarded to Jeffery Zaeder and David Onabanjo for excellence in AP Statistics.

Winfield M. Sides Prize: Awarded to Thanyaphorn Thangthakul and Miles McCain for excellence in computer science.

ACSL Award: Recognition of Anjalie Kini, Bill Qin, and Jeffrey Shen for qualifying to compete in American Computer Science League All-Star Contest.

Special thanks to the alumni who established and contributed to these awards.

Published in the Andover Gazette on May 25, 2018.

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