Fempower team will present their SOCIAL ACTIVISM app at Tang Institute Lunch, Wednesday, May 2 from 1-2 pm in Pearson C.

The Team

 Jennie Guo, Anjali Kini, Sarah Zhao, Julia Zhu


About Echo

We all have political and social issues that we care about, but it is tough to find time to keep up with these issues. Many of us get stuck in inaction, thinking “How much difference can one person really make anyway?”

Echo is an efficient, user-friendly social activism app that makes it quick and easy for users to keep up with their favorite causes and to find minor or major ways that they can pitch in. We want to make every contribution possible, no matter how small!

– Quickly access a large variety of actions (Sign a Petition, Donate, Attend a Rally, Organize an Event, etc.)
– Subscribe to specific issues you care about
– Stay updated with news feeds and moderated discussion forums

The team wrote and developed Echo as part of Andover’s Technovation Challenge. You can find out more about startups here: https://technovationchallenge.org/

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